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Off Lake, Ontario


Video Editing and Production

We film exclusively on High Definition 720P and 1080i video. Additionally, we have HD video editing software and experience to make your video project to the best specs posible.

Base Facilities include:

  1. Canon HD 2.9" CMOS video camera with Fluid Head tripod.
  2. Rode shotgun Microphone.
  3. Wide Angle (Fish), Macro and Telephoto Lenses.
  4. Three Point Halogen Lighting with barndoor and light boxes.
  5. NewTek SpeedEdit professional HD video editing suite.
  6. NewTek Lightwave 3D 9.3.1 professional 3D solution.
  7. Adobe Macromedia Web Developer CS3.

Past work includes:

Under Construction... check back soon.

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