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Famous Pinoys and Pinays (Filipinos)


This is a partial list of Filipinos of International repute. This list is provided as is, and is not meant to be an official list of any kind. Some persons listed here may now be expatriates or may not have been born in the Philippines but have either become Filipino citizens or have a significant Filipino bloodline.

This is obviously not a complete list so if you have any feedback so that we may expand or make corrections to this list please email us. We are only listing Filipinos who are famous on a global stage. There will be no listings of Filipinos who are only famous domestically in the Philippines.

The Pryo.net List of Internationally Famous Pinoys and Pinays:

Bacalso, Joanna
Hollywood Actress

This Actress is both sexy and elegant. She has had a few major roles in Hollywood productions as well as some memorable minor roles.

  1. My Baby's Mama 2003
  2. Snow Dogs 2002
  3. Dude, Where's my car? 2000
  4. Bedazzled 2000
  5. Woo 1998
  6. Half Baked 1998
  7. Sanctuary 1997
  8. Car 54, Where Are You? 1994
  9. No Contest 1994

Joanna has also had notable TV guest appearances in: "Son of the Beach"; "The District"; "Forever Knight"; "PSI Factor", "Veronica's Closet" and "The Jackal".

Carrere, Tia
Hollywood Actress

Tia's birth name was Althea Rae Duhinio Janairo. She was born of a Filipino, Chinese and Spanish background. Her first dream of becoming a nun was later changed to a singing and acting career.

  1. Lilo & Stitch 2002
  2. Shi 2000
  3. Meet Prince Charming 1999
  4. Merlin: The Return 1999
  5. Five Aces 1999
  6. 20 Dates 1998
  7. Operation Delta Force 3: Clear Target 1998
  8. Scar City 1998
  9. Top of the World 1997
  10. Kull the Conqueror 1997
  11. High School High 1996
  12. Hollow Point 1995
  13. The Immortals 1995
  14. My Teacher's Wife 1995
  15. Jury Duty 1995
  16. Hostile Intentions 1994
  17. Treacherous 1994
  18. True Lies 1994
  19. Quick 1993
  20. Wayne's World 2 1993
  21. Rising Sun 1993
  22. Little Sister 1992
  23. Wayne's World 1992
  24. Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man 1991
  25. Showdown in Little Tokyo 1991
  26. Fatal Mission 1990
  27. Instant Karma 1990
  28. Aloha Summer 1988
  29. Zombie Nightmare 1986

In 1999 she landed the lead role in the hit series Relic Hunter. In Relic Hunter she plays a history professor and adventure seeker named Sydney Fox.

Cates, Phoebe
Teen Model, Actress, Singer

Teen star and poster girl in the 80s born of a Russian Jew father and Filipina mother.

This teen star was known from movies such as Gremlins. She further sang two sound track songs in the 1986 movie Private School. She was voted one of the Harper's Bazaar's top 10 most beautiful women in America in 1984. She later retired from movies and married movie star Kevin Kline.

Diaz, Gloria
Miss Universe (1969)

1969 Miss Universe

After her win as the 1969 Miss Universe, Gloria Diaz furthered her career by acting where she starred in "Ang Pinakamagandang Hayop sa Balat ng Lupa" in the '70s.

In 1999, she brought home the Best Supporting Actress trophy for her playing the mother in the world-acclaimed film "Rizal".

Other pictures include: Batang West Side (2002), Miguel/Michelle (1998), Cinq Et La Peau (1982), Ganito Kami Noon, Paano Rayo Ngayon (1981).

She currently stars in a comedy sitcom in the Philippines entitled "Kool Ka Lang".

Flores, Agapito
Inventor of the Florescent Lamp

The Filipino electrician named Agapito Flores was a native of Guiginto, Bulacan. His obsession with making a "different" kind of light led to the his "reported invention of the Flourescent light bulb".

Discovered by a French government official who was visiting at Malacañang, arrangements were made for Flores to go to Paris and subsequently was granted a patent for his lamp. The General Electric Company of America bought Flores' bulb and subsequent mass-production gave the Invention worldwide acceptance.

The claim that Flores is the inventor of the Florescent Bulb is somewhat incorrect as Nikola Tesla a Yugoslavian born scientist come United States Immigrant, reportedly invented Florescent light some 40 years earlier (for his private lab use) but did not successfully market the invention.

Hammett, Kirk Lee
Guitarist, Song Writer


Kirk Hammett was born in Sanfrancisco to a Filipina mother and an Irish father. He was an understudy of Joe Satriani (one of the most respected gyuitar players of all time).

Hammett formed a band called "Exodus" and later became a signififant member of Metallica.

Hammett played on , wrote songs for and made significant contributions to the following albums:

  1. St. Anger
  2. ReLoad
  3. Load
  4. Metallica
  5. ...And Justice for All
  6. Master of Puppets
  7. Ride the Lightning
  8. Kill 'Em All

Iglesias, Enrique
International Musician / Actor

Enrique Iglesias was born of Spanish singing legend Julio Iglesias and his mother the gorgeous Filipina journalist Isabel Preysler who was born in Manila.
Enrique is famous for various pop hits including "Bailamos". He has also made some recent movie debuts such as "Once Upon a Time in Mexico" where he plays "Lorenzo" friend to the Mariachi (Antonio Banderas).
Loinaz, Marc
Developer of the Single Chip Video Camera
The one-chip video camera was first made by Marc Loinaz, a Filipino inventor from New Jersey.

Moran, Margarita
Miss Universe (1973)

1973 Miss Universe

Miss Universe 1973 Margarita Moran, the pageant's second winner from the Philippines, admitted she didn't even want to enter Miss Philippines, much less Miss Universe. She was encouraged by her friends to do so and look where that got her. In one of her interviews, she had praised Mr. Richard Nixon, ' then US president, and said that he was the greatest man on Earth. She promptly received a letter from the president thanking her for her "thoughtful comment on my efforts to bring peace in the world."

Nepomuceno, Rafael "Paeng"
World's Greatest
Champion Bowler

Paeng is acknowledged as the greatest international bowler in the history of the sport. Rafael "Paeng" Nepomuceno is a six-time world champion and is the only four-time World Cup champion. He was first listed in the Guinness Book of World Records in its 1994 edition for having won the Bowling World Cup three times which is more than anyone else in the world and accomplishing it in three different decades. In recognition for his various international achievements, the international Bowling Museum and Hall of Fame in St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.A., decided to exhibit a 7-foot photo in its main entrance.

Exactly twenty years after Paeng won his first World Cup in 1976, Paeng accomplished the rare feat of breaking his own Guinness Book record of three World Cup victories by winning again the World Cup of bowling for another unprecedented fourth time in November 23, 1996, in Belfast, Northern Ireland, by greatly outclassing the bowling champions from a record 70 countries. In the Grand Finals one-game championship, he devastated U.S.A. champion Drew Hylen with a score of 243-172 to re-write the World Cup records in the Guinness Book with his fourth win.

Phillips, Lou Diamond
Actor, Director,
Action Star

Phillips was born Lou Upchurch in the Philippines, the son of a naval aircraft mechanic. He was raised in Flour Bluff, a small town near Corpus Christie, Texas. Phillips's father died when he was young and he took the name Phillips from his step-father.

  1. Fingerprints 2007
  2. El Cortez 2007
  3. Hollywood Homicide 2003
  4. Absolon 2003
  5. Picking up the Pieces 2000
  6. Supernova 2000
  7. A Better Way to Die 2000
  8. Hangman 2000
  9. Bats 1999
  10. Brokedown Palace 1999
  11. Another Day in Paradise 1998
  12. The Big Hit 1998
  13. Courage Under Fire 1996
  14. Undertow 1996
  15. Hourglass 1995
  16. Ultimate Revenge 1995
  17. Boulevard 1994
  18. Dangerous Touch 1994
  19. Override 1994
  20. Sioux City 1994
  21. Teresa's Tattoo 1994
  22. Extreme Justice 1993
  23. Shadow of the Wolf 1992
  24. Ambition 1991
  25. The Dark Wind 1991
  26. The First Power 1990
  27. Demon Wind 1990
  28. Harley 1990
  29. A Show of Force 1990
  30. Young Guns II 1990
  31. Renegades 1989
  32. Disorganized Crime 1989
  33. Dakota 1988
  34. Young Guns 1988
  35. La Bamba 1987
  36. Stand and Deliver 1987
  37. The teacher ????

Reyes Jr., Ernie
Martial Artist, Actor, Writer, Director, Musician

Born in San Jose, California, Ernie Reyes, Jr. trained in Tae Kwon Do and Muay Tai. His acting career began in the movie "The Last Dragon" and in the Arnold Schwarzenegger film "Red Sonja". he furthered his career with television roles in "Side Kicks" (starring role), "MacGyver", "Circus of the Stars and "Highway to Heaven". Ernie has had major and minor roles in the following listed films:

  1. The Rundown 2003
  2. Rush Hour 2 2001
  3. The Ultimate Fight 1999
  4. The Process 1998
  5. Kill Shot 1995
  6. White Wolves II: Legend of the Wild 1995
  7. Surf Ninjas 1993
  8. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 1991
  9. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1990
  10. Paper Dragon ????
  11. Small Time ????
  12. Red Sonja 1985
  13. The Last Dragon 1985

Ernie has also had some efforts in music with the release of a Hip Hop record.

Reyes, Efren "Bata"
World Champion
9-ball Player

Efren Reyes was born in Mexico (a city), Pampanga (Province) on Aug. 26, 1954. At the age of 5, he moved with his uncle, to Avenida, Manila. He was put to work as a billiard attendant where he picked up the nickname "Bata" (the kid).

Efren's is said to have used the billiard table as a bed when the shop was closed. At age 9, he started playing pool for wager. After some time he dropped out of school and supported his family by playing pool hustling.

He began professionally competing and won various competitions in Japan and in the U.S. After being reportedly cheated by his Filipino financers he found a new financer in America named Archibald Mitchell. A short time thereafter Efren teamed up with his long-time friend, Rolando Vicente, who became his manager.

In1989 Reyes moved on to the international stage as a well recognized genius of the sport.

Since then Reyes has won the World Billiard Championship several times.

del Rosario, Roberto
Karaoke Machine
While Karaoke is a Japanese word, Filipino inventor Roberto del Rosario is now the world's sole patent holder for a sing-along system, according to a Philippine court ruling. Del Rosario won an infringement case against Janito Corp., the Chinese firm which claimed to have invented the Miyata Karaoke. The court ruled that Janito Corp. manufactured a system identical or substantially similar to Del Rosario's invention. He developed the karaoke prototype in 1975 and started marketing it in 1978.
Roberto del Rosario is the founder and president of the Inventors and Innovators Development Foundation.

Salonga, Lea
Stage Performer, Singer, Actress

Famous for her part in the Broadway Cast of Miss Saigon, she is also credited with renowned performances in various musicals in the Singapore and Manila.

Salonga has an extensive singing career with many compilations released for a Philippine audience as well as her singing role in the Disney productions of "Aladdin" and "Mulan".

Lea has also experienced various acting roles on Philippine television and various Philippine movies. Her American acting début was in the Hallmark production "Redwood Cutain". She also has a role as a lawyer on the CBS soap opera "As the World Turns".

Rob Schneider
Comedian, Writer,

Schneider was born to a Filipino mother and Jewish father in San Francisco in 1963.

As a comedian he opened for the likes of Jay Leno, Jerry Seinfeld, and Dana Carvey. In 1991 Rob became a writer and actor on Saturday Night Live. He earned great popularity and lasting fame for his characters "The Richmeister", "Laymer" and "The Sensitive Naked Man," as well as various celebrity impersonations. Schneider stayed with the show until 1994.

  1. I pronounce you Chuck and Larry 2007
  2. Click 2006
  3. Little Man 2006
  4. Grandma's Boy 2006
  5. Deuce Bigalow: European Gigalo 2005
  6. 50 first dates 2004
  7. Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo 1999
  8. Animal 2
  9. Animal 2001
  10. Big Daddy 1999
  11. The Waterboy 1998
  12. Judge Dredd 1995


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