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Architectural / CAD Encoding


We offer professional service in Architectural AutoCAD Encoding:

We have UAP, PRC certified Architects on staff who specialize in AutoCAD encoding. We can take any of your original paper drawings either architectural or mechanical, and encode them into an industry standard AutoCAD computer file. Our skilled workers can achieve great results at minimal cost. We are also fully capable of performing original design work, but focus our skills mainly on Architectural encoding.

How the System works:

  1. First you contact us with your requirements and we will quote the job.
  2. Then we arrange for a small down-payment on the project (retainer).
  3. Then the client sends original copies of the documents they wish to have encoded, either by post, fax or scanned email.
  4. We then execute the job and email an early prototype to the client for verification of any outstanding issues with the drawing.
  5. Final payment is made and an original file is emailed to the client. Further a sample letter size printout and backup copy on CD is mailed to the client upon request.

We can also create a 3D modelled and rendered animation of your designs to maximize your presentation (to your client).

Contact us if you have any questions or would like to request services.

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