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3D Design, Modelling and Animation

I have been performing professional work in the area of 3D animation and design since 1992. I have taken on work projects including a number of Canadian and American television commercial spots as well as commercial and industrial training videos. Recently I have been engrossed with various character animation projects.

Projects we can help you with include:

  1. 3D styled character animation (similar in render style to "Shrek" or "Bugs Life")
  2. 2D Cell Animation styled 3D character animation. We can make 3D animation look like traditional 2D cell animation. This is not only useful to include in existing 2D animation, this is also very trendy.
  3. Our 3D modeling and animation can be coupled with our Architectural Encoding Services to help your company make a solid proposal on a major building contract.
  4. Commercial spot logo design and animation.
  5. Detailed educational or instructional animation to aid in the explanation of difficult but important concepts for employees or clients of your products.
  6. 3D logo and corporate logo design to sharpen your company image.
  7. We can help in legal issues with an accident or crime scene reconstruction animation.
  8. We can also help in more areas, if you are unsure just ask us if we can help you.

Be sure to check out the 3D Photo Gallery.

Past work includes:

A series of employee instructional videos for the railroad division of BHP (Australia's largest mineral exploration company) who apparently changed their name to BHP Billiton. In this series of videos spanning 2 years I did a lot of instructional animated diagrams depicting various "hard-to-explain" concepts about steel railroad tie installation. This included many high quality still frames and many animated sequences. The company I was performing the work for received countless acclamations about "the quality of the animated work" and "the way" we depicted "the subject matter" that made it "easy to understand for their employees" in training.

A series of Commercial spots for Pounder's Mongoli Stir Fry (A former restaurant chain in Western Canada). Animated logo and other commercial graphics, camerawork.

A series of Commercial spots for Magic Moments Florists (North American wide viewership)

Dare Date SampleDaredate.com (3D design of home page)

"So you Wanna Fight (cause you think yer tough)" International pay-per-view. I did a coin toss animation that they use for the start of the event. I was also one of the cameramen in the first 1st and 3rd episodes.

USA vs the World - International fighting championship (Fayetteville, NC). I composed a realistic 3D animation of military apache helicopters flying in over a video sequence of a beach (as the lead in to a their Rambo-styled commercial spots. I was also one of three cameramen, the chief editor and was partially involved with the pyrotechnics (propane bag and squib bombs) for their fun Rambo-like television commercial spots. Additionally, I participated in several "So you Wanna Fight" early episodes (cameraman, editor) that was created by the same fight promoter.

Li'l Feet - commercial spots (Chain of Canadian children's shoe stores). Animated logo and other commercial graphics, camerawork, editing, also audio editing of a series of Christmas radio spots.

Kenchenten & Associates (Film and Video production company in Canada). Various Logos, animations, quality stills, some print design (magazine ads, video cassette covers), editing, camerawork, etc. My main client for many years.

Gold in the Net - International Hockey Schools (series of educational videos) This project involved camerawork, editing, and trivial animations (coach directions for play, etc.)

LessDATA (corporate image and logo)

Various political election campaigns, computer outlet commercials and many dozen other commercial spots.

for more information or to ask us further questions send us an email.

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